Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.

THE DUFF (Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend)

To be honest, I am not a real wide-reader nor a book worm nor the one obsessed with books. I do read materials ranging from online articles, blogs, prints like magazines and novels, to several e-books,only when I find them pleasing and noteworthy. And whenever I find the enthusiasm to read something, it will usually take me weeks or months to finish a typical novel. Reading The DUFF by Kody Keplinger actually took me just several days. I was amazed at myself. Was I hooked reading the book that it only took me days to finally turn to the last page? I admit, yes, I think so…

The Duff, as I perceived it at first, is for the younger generation readers. Younger. I mean, the teeny high schoolers and college romantics. And oh, I’m on my late 20’s, about to approach the 30s next year. Definitely, this novel didn’t appeal to me that much at first. I thought that this was too cheesy, too hanky-panky, too shallow, too overly puppy-love romance. But I was wrong. As I progressed through the chapters, I found myself profoundly involved in the story. Involved in the sense that I actually digest every “side lessons” underlying the words of the author. The Duff is not just an ordinary teen love story with a usually “opposites attract” theme. It also tackles issues on friendship and family.

This novel throwed me back to yester years, probably more than a decade ago. Yes. I think one of its effects is a “throwback” thrill that gave me chills and a little reminiscing on the subject called love. I found myself tickled in some chapters. It’s just great that the author gave this novel a taste of sugar and little spice. And it’s really nice to feel so young and carefree!

Well, all I just wanted to say here is that this novel by Keplinger put back some chills in my spine, making hissed giggles while reading some portions of the novel. in a circle of friends, there will always be that one person whom people will look the last and inferiorly. But I will forever remember that: “We are all duffs. Every girl feels unattractive sometimes. Anyone who didn’t feel like the duff must not have friends.” And now as I close this book, another page needs to be turned… And the excitement and enthusiasm reading The Duff is still with me…


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