Happy 29th Year of Existence to ME!

Today, I am a year older, a year wiser, a year prettier, a year sexier, a year hotter, a year nicer, and so on and so forth. And as I enjoy my last year as a teenager, (YES, I’M 19) I want to look back on how my life had been on a roller coaster ride. Despite the challenges I faced in 2013, I am still so blessed to have all that I really need–FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

So here it is. I’m turning 20 next year (LOL). I really feel as youthful as 19! I could never wish for more earthly and material things as I am already blessed with all the necessities in life. I could neither wish for a beautiful face and a perfect figure for I am a PERFECTLY GORGEOUS WOMAN. JOKE! Seriously, I just wish that all through the coming years, may all the people who love me and whom I love will still be with me. (Stick around, guys!) May they continuously be blessed, too, and live peaceful and prosperous lives. And for all those who walked away and turned their backs on me,Β  for those who just passed by and didn’t stay, and for those who will still come into my life, I am and will always be thankful. My life would never be this meaningful and colorful without you.

Cheers to more fruitful and glorious years!


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