As I count the days before I leave my 20’s, I thought of challenging myself with 30 THINGS TO DO (OR SHOULD HAVE DONE) BEFORE I TURN 30. I searched google and I have browsed on several articles about the things to do when you turn 30. Well, I paused and thought to myself. What’s with that age, 30, that people are so frantic about? For me, being in your 30 means leaving all those childishness behind. It means that you are stepping on to a new chapter of your life wherein you are expected to act and to decide like a real grown-up does. Big deal? For some, yes, maybe. Hitting the big 3-0 is a milestone in one’s life, at least for me. And so before I celebrate my 30th birthday, I list 30 things that I should have accomplished by then.

1. Drive defensively. (Yes, should be defensive. These days, a lot of people are too offensive.)

2. Expand network as in double or triple my network database. (This means I have to meet more and more people. Why? Simple. I’m in a profession wherein my network database is the foundation of it all.)

3. Slide and swim. (I am not afraid of heights. But I am scared of drowning. So, I haven’t really tried sliding and swimming. But now, I courageously will.

4. Lose 30 pounds or more. (Oh yes. I gained a lot of weight. With my 2 years of stay in the southern part of the country, I gained experiences as much as I gained extra pounds. So now, gradually, I will attempt to lose some fats again.)

5. Finish my goodreads book challenge. (With my so busy schedule, I don’t have as ample time as I had before to read.)

6. Bake any goody. (I am no baker nor cook. But I love it when my family appreciates every little thing that I do in our kitchen.)


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